Traveller Eviction

Under most circumstances you do not need a Court Order to evict trespassers from your land. Under Halsburys Laws of England (Paragraph 1400) it states that ‘ If a trespasser peaceably enters land, the person who is entitled to possession may request him to leave; and if he refuses to leave may remove him from the land using no more force than is reasonably necessary’. There are some circumstances when a Court order may be required such as they have secured premises internally, but we’ll be able to advise you on that

You have a legal right to remove them yourself. However, as a landowner you are legally responsible for the welfare of any one occupying your land (legally or not). We are trained and highly experienced in this. We are fully insured, experts in risk assessments, video enabled and trained negotiators. Whilst we cannot guarantee our services, our likelihood of success is high. Over 15 years doing Traveller Evictions we estimate 97% are successfully concluded. Police, health and safety and welfare, and the instructing Client are mainly responsible for the remaining 3%.

Most people from the travelling community are reasonable people and the majority are not criminally minded. We serve notice that they must leave immediately (or as agreed with you). We then give them reasonable time to vacate. Usually this is up to 2 hours. During this time, we monitor behaviour and ensure they are preparing to move. If they are being reasonable, we may negotiate extra time, however if they are non-compliant or refusing to leave then we will look at escalating the situation.

In line with the Health and Safety at Work 1999 legislation, you have a legal duty to assess risks and to protect the safety of everyone involved in the eviction process. We carry out a generic risk assessment on first attendance and will then relay our recommendation back to you.  We will provide you immediately with our agent’s report.  Throughout the eviction process, we will constantly reassess the eviction and modify our actions to manage any risks.

We only ever use Certificated Enforcement Agents to carry out evictions. We carry Public Liability, Indemnity and Employees Liability insurance to a minimum of £10 million in addition all Agents carry a personal bond of £10,000.

All of our agents are ;

  • self employed,
  • carry body worn CCTV equipment,
  • have a minimum 2 years experience in the industry,
  • are trained negotiators
  • have on-street and/or classroom training
  • have successfully carried out evictions.
  • Are regularly DBS and financially checked.

A Bespoke Solution for Your Business

At RK9 our focus is on customer satisfaction. We work hard to deploy the right resources to suit your specific requirements. We never subcontract our staff, recruiting only the best individuals to represent us and meet our exceptionally high standards. All site instructions and training is given by RK9 management to the criteria set by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).