Unwavering Security for Your Commercial Property with Manned Guards

RK9 are a security solution that merges the professionalism and vigilance of highly-trained security personnel with cutting-edge expertise.

We are the driving force behind elevating your property's security, whether it's an office building, warehouse, or retail space in the North West. The call for comprehensive security is unmistakable.

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What are Manned Guards, and How Can They Transform Your Security?

Manned guards, also known as security officers or security guards, are trained individuals employed to protect people, property, and assets. They play a crucial role in maintaining safety and security in various settings, including commercial properties.

Challenges Encountered by Commercial Property Owners

Commercial Property Owners often face a barrage of security challenges that can impact their assets, tenants, and reputation. Our manned guards are uniquely poised to tackle these challenges head-on.

From deterring security breaches to offering robust surveillance and emergency response capabilities, RK9's Manned Guards are the ultimate solution for comprehensive property protection.
Without RK9's specialists, you are vulnerable and exposed to;

Theft and Burglary Concerns

Vulnerabilities to theft and burglary due to weak doors and windows can be addressed with steel mesh, robust security doors, CCTV, alarms, and motion detectors, enhancing physical barriers and detection capabilities.

Traveller and Trespassers

Unauthorized occupation of vacant property areas can disrupt business operations. Removing such occupants, especially traveller groups, can be time-consuming and costly, often requiring legal and law enforcement intervention

Inadequate Security Personnel

Relying solely on traditional on-site officers for security can be addressed through trained security officers engaged in active patrolling with high-visibility vehicles, resulting in heightened vigilance, faster response times, effective deterrence, and professional incident management.

Outdated Technology Risks:

Reliance on outdated CCTV and alarm systems hinders effective threat detection. Modern CCTVs with high-quality video and advanced alarms provide clearer image capture, real-time monitoring, and quicker responses to breaches.

Key Advantages of Employing Manned Guards

You can benefit in numerous ways from hiring manned guards to protect your premises, helping you to protect assets, reduce risks, and create a safer and more secure environment for occupants and visitors. Here are some of the key benefits:

Immediate Response:
Trained Professionals:
Enhanced Surveillance:
Risk Mitigation:

RK9's Specialised Manned Guard Services for Ultimate Property Protection

24/7 Coverage:

Your property is safeguarded 24/7 for constant security. Manned guards ensure quick response to security threats, minimising potential damage and offering peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction:

Security personnel enhance visitor and tenant experiences, boosting satisfaction. A safe environment fosters positive perceptions, encouraging repeat visits and increased revenue.

Documentation and Reporting:

Meticulous documentation, supported by cameras, aids insurance and legal claims. Detailed records provide insights, while accountability ensures professionalism and adherence to protocols.

Deterrence of Criminal Activity:

Manned guards visually deter criminals, creating a safer environment and potentially reducing security incidents and associated costs.

Proven Success: Real Stories, Real Results

Our track record speaks volumes, with success stories that underscore the undeniable effectiveness of RK9's security personnel and services. From scheduled visits to patrols, our solutions provide additional deterrence and rapid response capabilities that fortify security.
Hear what our customers have to say:

"Massive thanks"

Called up the hotline as I had a last min job spoke to Ben as in operation manager requested 4 guards for the night 1st guard arrived under 6 minutes and last 1 arrived under 20 minute couldn't ask for a better service

"Fantastic job"

Ben and his team did a fantastic job looking after my assets and property under difficult circumstances, kept me up to date on a regular basis.would definitely use again


As a security systems installer I have experienced the professionalism, quality and service down to the smallest detail.Always looking for what is best for.the client even when it comes at a cost

"Extremely helpful"

Fantastic service from Ben and the lads - very professional. Extremely helpful too!

"Quick response"

Called up the hotline as I had a last min job spoke to Ben as in operation manager requested 4 guards for the night 1st guard arrived under 6 minutes and last 1 arrived under 20 minute couldn't ask for a better service

"Highly trained"

These guy know what they are doing, had security problem at 11pm last night, they were with me in minutes. Highly trained and professional. The care and individualised attention is second to none

We have 100% Success Rate: 24/7 Peace of Mind

Our 24/7 peace of mind promise means that regardless of the time, our services are ready to swiftly respond, providing the security reassurance you need, whenever you need it. This is our guarantee to you.

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